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Demurrage Estimation Device
Applicable Charges Estimation Device

1) From the time arrival of cargo, TSP will be applied irrespective of material in Import warehouse or Bonded warehouse. (For first 48 working hours).

2) Applicable demurrage charges will apply to quantity which remains in Import warehouse beyond first 48 working hours, till the shipment allowed for Bonded Warehouse by Customs Authority.

3) On completion of In-Bond Bill of Entry procedure and after first 48 working hours, fee of Rs. 35 per Kg per day will be charged for goods which remain in Bonded Warehouse.

4) All rates are inclusive of Insurance of Goods, Handling of goods within Import & Bonded warehouse.

5) Importer shall provide Authority letter for employee/person authorized to take delivery of Ex-Bond goods from Bonded Warehouse along with Customs 00C Ex-Bond Bill of Entry.

6) Authorized person shall submit clear copy of photo identity along with authority letter at the time of ex-bonding of goods.

7) Service Tax as applicable will be levied on all above rates.

8) Trade may please note that our permission is for storage of 500 Kgs of gold at the Peak level.

EFECTIVE DATE 01/01/2017
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