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Demurrage Estimation Device
Applicable Charges Estimation Device
  • Weighing charges of Rs. 1.50 per Kg. Shall be charged over and above mentioned tariff for base tariff as well as demurrage charges
  • Consignments of human remains, coffin including unaccompanied baggage of deceased and human eyes will be exempted from the purview of Terminal, Storage and Processing and Demurrage charges
  • No separate forklift charges will be levied
  • # Special cargo consists of cargo stored in cold storage, live animals, hazardous goods
  • Valuable cargo consists of gold, bullion, currency notes, securities, shares, share coupons, travellers’ cheques, diamonds (including diamonds for industrial use), diamond jewellery, jewellery & watches made of silver, gold, platinum and items valued at US$ 1000 per Kg. and above
  • Charges will be levied on the ‘gross weight’ or the ‘chargeable weight’ of the consignment, whichever is higher. Wherever the ‘gross weight’ and (or) ‘volume weight’ is wrongly indicated on the Airway Bill and is found more, charges will be levied on the ‘actual gross weight’ or ‘actual volumetric weight’, whichever is higher
  • For miss-declaration of weight above 2 and up to 5% of declared weight penal charges @ double the applicable Terminal, Storage and Processing charges will be levied. For variation above 5%, the penal charges will be leviable @ 5 times the applicable Terminal, Storage and Processing charges of the differential weight. No penal charges will be leviable for variation up to and inclusive of 2%. This will not apply to Valuable cargo
  • All the Bills shall be rounded off to the nearest of Rs. 5/-. As per IATA Tact Rule book Clause-5.7.2, the rounding off procedure, when the rounding off Unit is 5.
When the results of calculations are between/and Rounded off amount will be
102.5 - 107.4 105/-
107.5 - 112.4 110/-
  • Cancellation/Amendment charges per Export Shipping Bill, once the application is submitted will be as below
Type of Cargo Cancellation/Amendment Charges
General Cargo 150/-
Perishable, Valuables, Silver and Gold Cargo 175/-
  • If cancellation is requested by the importer/exporter/CHA after office timings i.e. 6.00pm, Overtime charges will be applicable.
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